President Obama Failing on Energy-by Mike Minton

Regardless of Energy Secretary Chu’s claim that he gives himself a grade of A-, only because “there’s always room for improvement,” the president’s energy policy is failing America terribly.

 In an op-ed by my hometown Senator, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, the average price of a gallon of gas in our beloved Bluegrass State is $3.69. That is up from $1.85 per gallon when our esteemed (choke) president took office just over three years ago. And according to AAA, the national average price for gas is $3.74 per gallon. 

The focus of Sen. McConnell’s op-ed, entitled “Not Helping Matters” and found in the Bowling Green (KY) Daily News, is how President Obama’s policies have cost Americans…not only at the pump, but also in the employment lines. 

As the Senator points out, Obama “had his chance to show he was committed to boosting domestic energy production, lowering the price of gasoline, and creating new jobs and he said no when he rejected the job-creating Keystone XL pipeline.” 

Of course, as we have seen and heard, lowering gas prices is not a priority of this administration. After all, not too long ago Energy Sec. Chu said, “Somehow, we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” And as Sen. McConnell points out, “they are well on their way” to accomplishing that goal. 

Mr. McConnell goes on to point of that the EPA’s recent regulations target coal power plants and will impact energy prices for us all. Says McConnell, “The regulations will require coal power plants to install extremely expensive new Washington-mandated processes, with those costs passed along to the consumer in the form of higher prices for electricity. The regulations also threaten the jobs of more than 1,400 Kentuckians that work in aluminum smelter plants, plus Kentucky’s approximately 18,000 coal miners and the industries that support them.” 

What’s more, Kentuckyis by no means the only state that will be affected by these new regulations. Coal is mined in 27 states, and the impact will be felt by anyone in this great country who works in the coal industry or uses electricity that is generated by coal…which is a lot. 

Sen. McConnell points out that taxpayers will be out billions of dollars every year due to the new regulations. “It’s just another example of how Obama’s energy policies have failed this country.” 

The Senator says, “Unlike the president, I believe in an all-of-the-above approach to energy exploration, we need to use every resource available to boost domestic energy supply, bring down energy prices, and free America from its dependence on foreign sources of oil.

“But to really make headway on this issue, we need a president who will fight for increased domestic energy production, lower costs, and more jobs on behalf of the American people.” 

Unfortunately, this writer believes that the president currently occupying the White House is the wrong man for the job.

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The Rebirth of George Washington

Finally, someone who can actually make a difference is working on an issue which has irritated me since I was a young kid. I know I had to be a nerd, but it always bothered me that all the presidents’ birthdays were lumped into one day. 

If any American president deserves to be honored on his true birthday, it is George Washington. There are plenty of presidents in American history who have made great contributions to our country, but I have to argue that none has done as much for America as George Washington. 

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), is leading the charge to honor Washingtonon his actual birthday, February 22, instead of just the third Monday of February. In my opinion, President Washington represents much more than just a three-day weekend—in 1968, the U.S.government decided to make Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Presidents Day all Monday holidays to give Americans a three-day weekend. quotes Rep. Wolf as saying, “President Washington exemplifies the best that America and Americans have to offer the world: principled leadership, personal bravery, a sense of duty and public service, patriotism, recognition of our unique role in world history and a reverence for his Creator. His enduring service deserves to be remembered on his actual birthday.”

As Wolf pointed out, nobody celebrates their birthday on the third Monday of their birth month each year, “(S)o why do we diminish the memory of the greatest American by turning his birthday into nothing more than a three-day weekend?”

According to the article, lawmakers of both parties backed Wolf in Wednesday’s session of Virginia’s House of Representatives, as did a member of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association, which cares for Washington’s historic home in Virginia.

Ironically, whenWashingtonwas born,Englandstill used the Julian calendar, meaning he was born on Feb. 11, 1732. However, when the English switched to the Gregorian calendar in 1752, Washington’s birthday became Feb. 22.

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Negotiator-in-Chief By: Michael A. Minton

Mitch McConnell, the Kentucky Republican Senator who has been in the U.S. Senate since 1984, wears many hats in his capacity as the Senate Minority Leader. His committee assignments include:

Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry
Armed Services
Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
Commerce, Science, and Transportation
Energy and Natural Resources
Environment and Public Works
Foreign Relations
Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
Rules and Administration
Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Veterans’ Affairs

Special, Select, and Other
Indian Affairs
Select Committee on Ethics
Select Committee on Intelligence
Special Committee on Aging

Joint Committee on Printing
Joint Committee on Taxation
Joint Committee on the Library
Joint Economic Committee  

Last Monday, June 27, President Obama invited Sen. McConnell to the White House to wear yet another hat: Negotiator-in-Chief. The President wants to increase the debt ceiling to keep the country from allegedly defaulting on its debts. 

However, in a press release from Sen. McConnell’s office, McConnell said, “I will make a request of my own: What, Mr. President, are you prepared to do about the massive deficits and debt that have grown dramatically on your watch?” 

Sen. McConnell wants to ensure that the United States doesn’t end up in this predicament again, calling for a guarantee that the President will not raise taxes nor try to pass another stimulus package. 

To make his point on these issues, the Senator said, “At some point, Democrats need to realize that the reason our nation’s debt has skyrocketed 35% over the past two years is that government spending is out of control. 

“America does not face a debt crisis because we tax too little, but becauseWashingtonspends too much. And tax hikes can’t pass the Congress. Not only is there bipartisan opposition, the consequences of massive new tax hikes would be fewer jobs.”

In terms of the idea of another stimulus, McConnell said, “The $830 billion stimulus bill is just one example. When Democrats passed it, they made two predictions: first, that it would keep unemployment below 8%, and second, that it was a one-time cash infusion meant to prevent a wider crisis. Two years later, unemployment hovers above 9%, and Democrats now demand that we add new stimulus funding. Their commitment to spending and tax hikes is so deeply held, it seems, that they don’t even recognize what terrible shape our economy is in and the fact that tax and spend policies of the past two years have made it worse.

“Nor do they seem to recognize that the voters are asking for a different approach. Americans didn’t elect dozens of additional Republicans to the House of Representatives last November because they wanted their taxes raised. They sent them here to reverse the runaway spending policies that failed.”

I did call the Senator’s office inWashington, hoping to at least speak to his spokesman, Robert Steurer, as I had interviewed the Senator during the 2008 election. However, I was told to email him my questions, which I did. There were 10 specific questions which I really would have liked to have answered.

As it turned out, however, Mr. Steurer emailed me back and, although politely, refused to answer my questions and instead referred me to the Senator’s press releases. Regardless, from reading the press releases, it would appear that the Senator is prepared to raise the debt ceiling as long as his conditions are met.

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Why Liberals Refuse to Balance the Budget-Michael A. Minton

As I begin this article, the U.S. National Debt stands at nearly $14.5 TRILLION. That means that every man, woman and child in Americais automatically $46,379.00 in debt, and every taxpayer is $129,473.00 in debt. Without ever even getting so much as a kiss! And as astounding as it sounds-and is-theUnited States pays $661 million per day just in interest on the national debt. 

In my book, Mr. Right Opinion: Unplugged and Unashamed, I make the assertion that liberals on Capitol Hill actually want to keep those on welfare dependant upon them to stay in office, thereby offering these “public servants” job security. 

While my charge that Congressional Democrats want people to stay on welfare programs is a theory, as is the belief that they do so in order to stay in office (it’s not something one would expect to be readily admitted), there is no doubt that Democrats have tried to impede Republican efforts to reform welfare for decades. 

While the president can sign or veto all legislation, it is ultimately Congress that crafts the laws that move us forward, keep us stagnant or send us spiraling downward—as we are now doing. 

As I say in my book, from 1970-1995, poverty rates in this country remained high, and the welfare rolls continued to swell. The Democrat party controlled both houses of Congress during all but three of those years, yet they did nothing to improve the welfare situation inAmerica. 

In 1994, in what has been dubbed the “Republican Revolution,” Republicans wrested both houses of Congress from Democrats, finally giving them the opportunity to make necessary reforms. This marked a new era in the annals of American legislative history, and Republicans certainly took advantage of the opportunity. 

In 1996, Republicans passed the “Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA). This law, as detailed in an article by Robert Rector, Senior Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, made the following changes in the welfare program:

–ended entitlement funding…turned Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF-formerly AFDC) funds into block grants for states;
–placed a five year limit on TANF funds for recipients (previously, AFDC recipients remained on welfare for an average of 13 years);
–created a reciprocal obligation whereby recipients were required to get a job, train for a job, maintain an active job search or perform public service work;
–established and promoted the goals of reducing out-of-wedlock pregnancies and increasing the number of married, two-parent households (Oh, the shame!);
–created a new federal abstinence education program and;
–restricted benefits to non-citizens, placing the onus of their care on their sponsors. 

From 1994-1996, Democrats in Congress opposed this legislation. Eventually, however, half of congressional Democrats capitulated and the act passed. Then-President Clinton, having already vetoed two previous versions of welfare reform and facing a reelection bid, signed the act into law.

The results of welfare reform have been profoundly beneficial to TANF recipients. Between 1996-2002, according to Mr. Rector’s article, the caseload for TANF was cut in half, employment for disadvantaged single mothers rose at least 50 percent, the poverty rate for that same group was reduced by a third (the lowest in U.S. history), and black child poverty rates also dropped by a third (also the lowest in U.S. history).

These statistics speak volumes for the improvements which the Republican-led reform wrought. So one would assume that Democrats would have seen the error in their thinking and would want to keep the positive reform momentum going, right? 

Wrong, wrong, wrong! As we saw during their last two years as the majority in both the House and Senate, the Democrats never even proffered a budget proposal. It is also the reason that the president’s budget didn’t even touch the so-called third rail of politics…Social Security and Medicare. And those are two areas that will HAVE to be addressed if we are going to make any headway on our deficit. 

So for two years, Democrats never offered a budget, yet the Republicans take the majority in the House, and within weeks they offer a budget that will bring true, meaningful cuts to entitlement spending, and will make real strides toward balancing the federal budget. 

No matter what Democrats say, raising taxes IS NOT going to solve our debt problem. According to Kurt Brouwser’s ‘Fundmastery Blog’ at:, “Some folks believe we can solve this deficit by raising revenues, which as you can see is patently impossible. To cover the deficit with higher revenues would require that Federal receipts go up by roughly $1.3 trillion, which would be a greater than 50% increase given that all Federal revenues only totaled $2.2 trillion.” 

Given that we had a deficit of $1.3 trillion even after taking in $899 billion in total  income tax revenues, does anyone in his or her right mind think raising income taxes on everyone or ‘raising taxes on the rich’ would solve the problem?  We would have to see income tax revenues from everyone go up by more than a double. That is, with a $1.3 trillion deficit for 2010, we would need an extra $1.3 trillion in income tax revenues on top of the $899 billion we got in 2010.  That is not going to happen. And, instead of getting a reduction in spending, we are actually ramping it up for fiscal year 2011.  Now that’s crazy.” 

Obviously, there are going to have to be some hard cuts made in entitlement spending. It’s not a popular choice, but, as we can now see, unlike the Democrats, the Republicans are not here to win a popularity contest…they are here to save the country. If these hard choices are not made, our country will not survive this crisis. 

As you may recall, President G.W. Bush tried to warn that this was soon coming back in 2006, but unfortunately, NOBODY wanted to hear it, including Republicans. At that time, both parties were more concerned with elections than saving Social Security, Medicare, and the budget. 

However, this is a new era, the Tea Party is in D.C., and Republicans are now more concerned with preserving the country, rather than preserving their office. I wish Democrats would do the same.

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More Surprises from Obama Healthcare Law-Michael A. Minton

Remember this famous quote from then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi? “[W]e have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” Well, we’re finding out. 

If this wasn’t the Obama administration, this would seem an unbelievable story. While we were promised that Congress would have plenty of time to read every bill that went through when the Democrats controlled both chambers, this, along with other bills, was shoved down the American peoples’ throats before there was ever time to absorb it. Now come the consequences. 

It is now being reported that “Obamacare” will allow millions of middle-class Americans to get healthcare coverage for practically nothing. In fact, up to three million Americans who retire early, at the age of 62, will qualify for the federal-state sponsored insurance program Medicaid. 

Believe it or not, couples who can earn up to $64,000.00 per year will, in the year 2014, qualify for the program which is intended for low income and disabled Americans. This is because, as the AP reports, “in a major change from today, most of their Social Security benefits would no longer be counted as income for determining eligibility.”

The Associated Press says the “Medicare chief actuary Robert Foster says ‘The situation keeps me up at night. I don’t generally comment on the pros or cons of policy, but that just doesn’t make sense,’ Foster said during a question-and-answer session at a recent professional society meeting. It’s almost like allowing middle-class people to qualify for food stamps, he suggested.

‘This is a situation that got no attention at all,’ added Foster. ‘And even now, as I raise the issue with various policymakers, people are not rushing to say … we need to do something about this.’”

Of course, all of this is happening at a time when both the federal and state governments are drowning in debt. With Medicaid, the federal government pays 60% of Medicaid costs, while states must pay 40% of the costs. Obviously, neither can afford the added expense of the problem posed in the bill that “we had to pass to know what was in it.”

The depth of ineptness in the Democrat party is just unfathomable. BOTH houses of Congress were controlled by Democrats when this bill was passed, and obviously a Democrat president signed it into law. This is an important point. As 2012 approaches, we must remember that we not only have an inept president who needs to be replaced, but we also have inept members of Congress who need replacing as well!

Of course, for many of these Congressional seats, and even the highest office in the land, I would suggest that you keep in mind that many of those making a lot of the noise, and prompting most of the change on Capitol Hill, are Tea party members who are motivated, invigorated, and most importantly, true to their word.

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Finally…Representation in the House of Representatives-by Michael A. Minton

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Republicans for not only setting a standard on the budget issue, but for courageously standing by it. Late into the evening Friday, pundits, spectators, and I suspect even some congressmen, doubted that an agreement would be reached and that a shutdown of the government was inevitable. 

Then, at the 11th hour, just as it seemed it wouldn’t happen, word came that the two parties in the House had reached an agreement. An agreement which many found astounding: $38 Billion in budget reductions. I have to admit that even I was a bit surprised by the news. And I certainly wasn’t the only conservative surprised by the large number (although still only a miniscule amount of our deficit). 

I wish I had written it down or recorded it or something, because on one of the weekend shows, one of the Republican congressmen said something to the effect that no one in their right mind would have expected more than a $30 Billion concession from the Democrats. Yet there it was at 38! What an accomplishment. 

I have to give major props to Speaker of the House Boehner for hanging tough, even as liberals like Harry Reid were accusing Republicans of wanting to kill women by taking away the availability of women’s healthcare, which of course was a lie. 

We actually now have men and women in the House of Representatives who really are representing the people who elected them to office in the first place. And they are not Democrats! Sadly, the Democrat party doesn’t even look out for the best interest of its own party, much less conservatives. 

Even when Democrats had control of all three branches of government, they never even introduced a budget for the nation. And as we all know, the budget proposed by President Obama was just a joke. 

Yet this win is but a small victory in the major battles which lie ahead. In five weeks or less, the U.S. is expected to reach its debt ceiling of $14.294 trillion set just a short 14 months ago, this according to the U.S. Treasury Department at: Go ahead and check it out for yourself. It’s sad; our debt was at $14.1 trillion just a month ago. 

However, there is hope! The winds of change are blowing hard in Washington as Tea Party officials are settling in. These folks came in knowing that they had an agenda, and they seem to be determined to stick to it come hell or high water. And I think that determination has emboldened their fellow Republicans to rekindle their own determination. 

I think that most reasonable folks agree that the debt ceiling will have to be raised again. But Speaker Boehner, with an army of resolute Republicans behind him, has made it clear that the ceiling will not be raised without some MAJOR concessions on behalf of the Democrats. As a nation, we cannot afford to allow ourselves to be placed in this position again, and I think the House Republicans will require legislation that will make sure we’re not. 

As they handle that conundrum, congress will also be taxed with coming up with a budget for fiscal year 2012. That, my friends will bring to mind a quote from the late Saddam Hussein: “The Mother of ALL Wars!” 

However, this is an opportune time to for conservatives to–and I know liberals will find this an exaggeration–literally save this country. And we have the right man leading the charge: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), who is head of the House Budget Committee. Is this guy tough or what? He’s like John Wayne on steroids. 

In the next ten years, his budget proposal promises to decrease our spending by over $6 trillion. This is true leadership, folks. This is what is needed. There will be painful cuts in many areas, including what many call the third rail of politics: Social Security and Medicare. 

However, as Terry Paulson quotes Democrat Erskine Bowles, co-chairman of Obama’s Deficit Commission, in a article, “I think we face the most predictable economic crisis in history. A lot of us…didn’t see this last crisis as it came upon us, but this one is really easy to see. This debt and these deficits that we are incurring on an annual basis are like a cancer. They are truly going to destroy this country from within unless we have the common sense to do something about it.” 

As we all saw with the Obama 2012 budget proposal, though, the president chose to ignore his own deficit commission and propose a budget that would send the deficit into the stratosphere. Basically he was trying to leave it up to the Republicans to come up with a budget that would put that party in a position of looking like uncaring hawks. 

As Townhall columnist John Ransom points out in his article, Tea Party Brokers Budget While Obama Retreats, “for the first time in 46 years Congress has actually reduced the level of spending year-over-year. Without voters making it absolutely clear in townhall meetings and rallies and protests that they are taxed enough already, we’d be looking at higher spending most certainly.” 

This means that those of us who truly want to save this great country have to keep doing what we’ve been doing. Keep rallying at the Tea Party rallies, keep calling and faxing your senators and representatives, keep voting in those who will insure reform, keep praying and keep the faith!

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‘Holy Crap’ Award Notification-by Mike Minton

Today I am emailing Rep. McDermott his Holy Crap award. The email text is as follows:

Rep. McDermott,
My name is Mike Minton, and I run a little blog called ‘What’s Right is Right’ at I have a little award that I give out weekly to a politician or news medium who makes the most absurd gaffes or statements. This week, you win for your statemnet on the House floor of “I’m tired of reading the Constitution and all the silly things we’ve done for the last 13 weeks (in the House of Representatives).”
I hope you enjoy your award as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.
God Bless,
Mike Minton
and the award looks like the following:
The actual award looks better, but I am going to have to improve my computer skills to show you all!
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