Mr. President, Don’t Forget Your CHANGE!-by Mike Minton

CHANGE! It was the central theme during the 2008 Obama campaign season. Change this! Change that! Change, change change! It seems like that was all we heard from the Obama camp during the election cycle. “We’re going to change unemployment, we’re going to change the economy, we’re going to change our image in the world! And, we’re going to close Guantanamo Bay. 

Well, Mr. President, we have certainly gotten change. Let’s take unemployment, for instance. When President Bush left office, our unemployment rate was at 6.7%. Granted, that’s still a little high, but the rate currently stands at 9.0%. And that’s the best it has been in many months! There’s a change. 

Another change which your administration has brought: the U.S. national debt. According to, in 2008, when President Bush left office, the national debt was $9.4 Trillion. Now, in just the two and one-half years in which you have been in office, our national debt has soared to $14.1 TRILLION. That’s right, TRILLION! That’s according to the US Debt Clock, not me. An increase of  2/3 in just 2.5 years. 

Let’s see, President Obama, what else have you changed. How about the Federal Deficit. In 2008, President Bush’s last year in office, the Federal Deficit was $206 Billion. However, as it stands now, the Federal Deficit stands at $1.3 TRILLION! That’s an increase of nearly $1.1 TRILLION. That’s roughly a six-fold increase. That’s ridiculous! 

Also since you’ve begun your “changes,” you have repealed the “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy signed into law by your Democrat predecessor. And now you’re trying to do away with the Defense Of Marriage Act. Deciding, as a member of the Executive branch of government, what is and is not constitutional. That is unbelievable! Unfathomable! 

Another change you have taken it upon yourself to make is saluting the flag when you feel like it. According to a statement by spokesman Bill Burton in September, 1997, “Sometimes Sen. Obama salutes the flag, and sometimes he doesn’t.” To me, that is despicable. 

Yes, sir, Mr. President, you have really brought a lot of change to America. I’m so glad you won. Can’t wait to see you go!


About Mike's Bullitts

I call it "Mike's Bullitts" because I am from a small Kentucky county by the name of Bullitt. And, of course, my name is Mike. You can also catch my radio show at:
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