President Continues to Push Gay Agenda With DOMA-by Mike Minton

Adding to his appeasement of the homosexual agenda after repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” President Obama yesterday instructed his Attorney General Eric Holder to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act; effectively attempting to end the age-old tradition of marriage being between one man and one woman. 

To give just a brief history of DOMA, in 1996, under intense pressure from Republicans, President Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act into law, defining a legal marriage as one between one man and one woman. 

The law has stood since, and even President Obama’s Justice Department, in 2009, wrote a brief which, according to CBS news, supporting the law. In legal terms, the brief described same-sex marriages to incestuous marriages. 

On Wednesday, President Obama did an about-face and ordered his Attorney General Holder to no longer defend DOMA, to which Holder replied, “I fully agree with the president’s decision.” 

Holder later told House Speaker Boehner that the president said that the DOMA law does not meet standards prohibiting laws from targeting minorities, who have suffered a history of discrimination. 

Speaker Boehner replied that it’s perplexing why, at this time of such high unemployment, and at a time when there is a desperate need to cut taxes and reduce spending, the president would stir up more domestic controversy. 

Of course, many Americans, me included, feel that this is a states’ rights issue regardless of where the federal government stands.


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