Providence R.I. to Teachers: You’re Fired-by Mike Minton

It’s not only Wisconsin teachers who are looking at the potential of being unemployed next year. Providence Rhode Island teachers could be facing the same fate. Facing a $40 million shortfall, the city has apparently sent out layoff warnings to all its 1,926 teachers. 

I did a little research, and according to, the average high school teacher’s salary in Providence is $64,680.00. Really not a bad lick. And if you multiply that by the 1,926 teachers, that comes to $124,573,680.00. Three times the city’s shortfall. Plus, the student-teacher ratio in Rhode Island is 11.1 to 1. 

Of course, no one is seriously suggesting that we just get rid of all public teachers all together. However, if you took all 1,926 teachers and reduced their average pay by $3,00.00, that alone would save $5,778,000.00. That would reduce the city’s shortfall from $40 million to $34,222,000.00, a savins of nearly 15%. 

Chances are that the layoffs, if they happen at all, will be short-lived.


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