Is DHS Secretary Napolitano Delusional?-by Mike Minton

(What’s Right is Right) Mar 24, 2011-The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, said in a speech on January 31st of this year that, while there is ongoing violence along the U.S.-Mexico border, the situation is not “out of control.” I’m really not quite sure where this delusional thinking comes from—other than maybe a desire to see that her boss gets reelected in 2012. 

According to Sec. Napolitano, “[I]t is inaccurate to state, as too many have, that the border is overrun with violence and out of control. This statement—often made only to score political points—is just plain wrong. Not only does it ignore all of the statistical evidence, it also belittles the significant progress that effective law enforcement has made to protect this border and the people who live alongside it.” 

In fact, according to Chuck Norris in a article, Ms. Napolitano “asked public officials to stop exaggerating claims of violence on the U.S. side of the border and ‘be honest with the people we serve.’” She also said, “Let’s stick with the facts. We need to be upfront and clear about what’s really happening along our borders.” 

I’m not really sure you want to do that, Madame Secretary. Mr. Norris points out several incidents which have happened recently along the U.S. side of the border: 

“–In April 2010, on a street in Fort Hancock, Texas, four Hudspeth County employees were working on a remote unpaved road, when an unknown gunman fired from across the Rio Grande. (In a January 2011 letter to the U.S. House of Representatives’ Judiciary and Homeland Security committees, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott described the shooting as “yet another incident involving cartel-related gunfire.”)

–In June 2010, El Paso’s City Hall was struck by at least seven shots fired from across the border in Ciudad Juarez, the epicenter of Mexico’s ongoing drug war. 

–In August 2010, at least one stray bullet from Mexico hit a building at the University of Texas at El Paso. 

–In October 2010, U.S. tourist David Hartley reportedly was shot by a Mexican gunman. 

–In November, the University of Texas at Brownsville temporarily canceled classes because of ongoing gunfire across the border in Matamoros, Mexico.” 

And as Chuck points out, that’s just Texas, not to mention all the violence taking place in the other American states. In fact, according to statistics released by Rep. Steve King (R-IA), twelve Americans are murdered by illegal aliens every day in this country. That’s 4,380 Americans per year. 

While Ms. Napolitano would like to credit the Obama administration for the addition of Border Patrol agents on the ground, the truth is, credit for the majority of the increase in agents rightly belongs to the Bush administration, according to PolitiFact. 

There are so many issues that stem from illegal immigration that it’s almost impossible to know where to start. From those coming here to actually find a better life to those smuggling drugs to those who could be terrorists looking to hit us here at home. 

A few years back I wrote a book called Mr. Right Opinion: Unplugged and Unashamed. In it I included an article I wrote while I was a reporter for Talon News Agency concerning fears of Chinese terrorists who were believed to have come across the Mexico-U.S. border and who were allegedly supposed to meet in Boston to carry out a terrorist plot. 

Fortunately, the plot turned out to be unfounded. But, the truth is that our border is porous enough that such a scenario is feasible. As long as there are areas along the border where illegals can enter the country, many times as “mules” for drugs, then there is also the possibility of terrorists coming in with chemical and biological weapons. 

Getting back to the point that Sec. Napolitano made that the media is exaggerating violence by illegals, in a article entitled U.S. Spending At Least $18.6 Million Per Day to Incarcerate Illegal Aliens; More Than 195,000 Illegal Aliens Deported in Fiscal 2010 Had Committed Crimes Here, written by Edwin Mora, Napolitano’s argument is just blown out of the water. 

In the article, it is stated that statistics from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice, show that U.S. taxpayers pay a minimum of $18.6 Million PER DAY to house “an estimated 300,000 to 450,000 illegal immigrants who are incarcerated and eligible for deportation from the United States.” This would mean that illegals account for between 13% and 19.5% of the prison population. This is hardly an exaggeration. 

These statistics are based on 2001 figures (ten year old numbers), and are based on the lower end of the spectrum—300,000 illegals. These are people who have come here illegally, committed a crime, and are incarcerated either in federal, state, county or local facilities, and are eligible for deportation from the United States. 

A spokeswoman for the DOJ said that the cost of housing a state prisoner—at 2001 levels—was roughly $62.00 per day. That means that the taxpayers are paying $18.6-$27.9 million per day. 

I would really suggest that these politicians stop looking out for their next election, and actually do what they are there to do: look out for the best interest of the United States of America!


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