The Frank Barone ‘Holy Crap!’ Awards

I am starting a new weekly segment called “The Frank Barone ‘Holy Crap!’ Awards.” In these days of troubles, I think we could all use a laugh.

Hopefully you have all seen the show Everybody Loves Raymond. If not, I highly recommend it in syndication! Anyway, if you have seen it, you know Frank (the late and missed Peter Boyle) will always, at least once per episode, come off with the now legendary ‘Holy Crap!’

The ‘Holy Crap!’ awards will go to the most outrageous comments and gaffes made by darlings of the liberal Democrat party, media, etc. I will research this on my own, but I would also like to invite suggestions from readers as well.

Please bear in mind that this is a conservative blog, and as such, only liberals making outrageous statements qualify for the ‘Holy Crap!’ awards. Please respect this and don’t comment on Republicans who say outrageous things (as regards this post). I’m sure there will be no shortage of them either, but I respectfully ask that if you want to publicize those, that you start your own awards program.

Hopefully we will get some good ones! I will post them on Friday or Saturday…most likely Friday. Thanks, Mike.


About Mike's Bullitts

I call it "Mike's Bullitts" because I am from a small Kentucky county by the name of Bullitt. And, of course, my name is Mike. You can also catch my radio show at:
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