‘Holy Crap’ Award Winner for Week Ending April 1, 2011-by Mike Minton

(Note: I would like to apologize for the gap between postings. Being a single dad, sometimes it’s hard to find the time.) 

On Monday, March 28, I announced a new contest called “The Frank Barone ‘Holy Crap’ Awards.” Please look to the March 28 post if you missed the basics. While I didn’t get any suggestions from readers, I was able to turn up a few gaffes and idiotic left-wing statements on my own (I know, hard to believe, right?).

 I narrowed it down to a few, and finally picked a winner. Here is the list, in order:

 Number three was Sen. Chuck Schumer on his conference call, not knowing that reporters were included on the call, and disclosing all the talking points the Democrat caucus had given him, such as the Tea Party Republicans being “extremists,” and that Rep. Boehner was being held “hostage” by the Tea Party Republicans.

Number Two was Vice President Biden’s staffers sticking a pool reporter, Scott Powers, in a cleaning closet for an hour and 15 minutes, using the closet as a waiting area for the V.P. to arrive.

And now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for—and I just heard it this morning—Number One, and the ‘Holy Crapper for the week: Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) saying, “”I’m tired of reading the Constitution and all the silly things we’ve done for the last 13 weeks (in the House of Representatives).”

Could it be a coincidence that he happens to win on April Fool’s Day? You be the judge. However, as will happen with every “Holy Crap Award” winner, I will be sending him an email letting him know that he has won this prestigious award.

Also, if the award works out on a weekly basis, there will be a Grand Winner at the end of the year. Maybe we’ll even have a trophy made and delivered to the big winner.

I hope you enjoyed the “Holy Crap Awards” for the week, and I hoep you come back and enjoy What’s Right is Right!

Next week, please send your suggestions to: holycrapawards@gmail.com




About Mike's Bullitts

I call it "Mike's Bullitts" because I am from a small Kentucky county by the name of Bullitt. And, of course, my name is Mike. You can also catch my radio show at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mikesbullitts/2012/02/29/the-mike-minton-show
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