The Rebirth of George Washington

Finally, someone who can actually make a difference is working on an issue which has irritated me since I was a young kid. I know I had to be a nerd, but it always bothered me that all the presidents’ birthdays were lumped into one day. 

If any American president deserves to be honored on his true birthday, it is George Washington. There are plenty of presidents in American history who have made great contributions to our country, but I have to argue that none has done as much for America as George Washington. 

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), is leading the charge to honor Washingtonon his actual birthday, February 22, instead of just the third Monday of February. In my opinion, President Washington represents much more than just a three-day weekend—in 1968, the U.S.government decided to make Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Presidents Day all Monday holidays to give Americans a three-day weekend. quotes Rep. Wolf as saying, “President Washington exemplifies the best that America and Americans have to offer the world: principled leadership, personal bravery, a sense of duty and public service, patriotism, recognition of our unique role in world history and a reverence for his Creator. His enduring service deserves to be remembered on his actual birthday.”

As Wolf pointed out, nobody celebrates their birthday on the third Monday of their birth month each year, “(S)o why do we diminish the memory of the greatest American by turning his birthday into nothing more than a three-day weekend?”

According to the article, lawmakers of both parties backed Wolf in Wednesday’s session of Virginia’s House of Representatives, as did a member of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association, which cares for Washington’s historic home in Virginia.

Ironically, whenWashingtonwas born,Englandstill used the Julian calendar, meaning he was born on Feb. 11, 1732. However, when the English switched to the Gregorian calendar in 1752, Washington’s birthday became Feb. 22.


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